Anaheim: (at Honda Center) Barcelona on the go

Its the last preseason game, and the Ducks will open the season on the road in Detroit.

Its also the second gourmet lunch truck at Deck-B Parking before we find out if they’ll be able to serve the fans for the regular season.

The obstacle may not be Deck-B Parking, but the Honda Center.  Honda Center came out with cameras taking pictures of the truck (we are not sure why).  Many of us foodies are assuming Honda Center thinks the GFT’s are stealing potential food business.  Or, maybe Honda Center thinks its a great idea?! We do not know.

What we DO know is… Deck-B is an independent lot, but its a matter of David versus Goliath when it comes to Honda Center.  Deck-B has nothing to gain by getting Honda Center upset, so let us see if things can get worked out before the home opener which is on Wednesday, October 13 against Vancouver… fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, fans seem to enjoy the food…

Barcelona onthego with the Honda Center in the background
My favorite Steak and garlic fries
Spanish Grilled Cheese
Top sirloin tacos
Catalan pork sausage sandwich

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