Fullerton: Oh for sweet sake, Dan Dan

The Ducks were in Nashville so we stayed home to watch them lose 4-1. After the game, we went to the Bootleggers for dinner, and DanDan BBQ and Oh For Sweet Sake were there.
Korean rib sliders
Korean BBQ rib taco topped with pickled cabbage

Tofu tacos with pickled cabbage

Asian pear salad

Cup cakes from Oh For Sweets Sake!

Long Beach Street Food Festival @ Rainbow Lagoon Park

There was a big gourmet truck gathering at the Rainbow Lagoon Park in Long Beach. Over 20 trucks were there, with admission $6 for pre-sale, $8 cash at the door.  The proceeds were going to Long Beach City schools.

Nom Nom truck had one of the longest line!

Click here to see if you cannot see the video above
 (courtesy of @mreynoso)

Jennifer and Misa from Nom Nom

Pork Banh Mi sandwich from Nom Nom

A chili w/ grilled onion hot dog from Greasy Wieners

Korean meatball from Great Balls on Tire
Bollywood  from Great Balls on Tires
The “All American” from Yatti Truck
Grilled beef with cheese wrapped in  tempura

BBQ wings from Nana Queens
Mild wings from Nana Queens

Tacos from Kabob Express