Yorba Linda: White Rabbit

The White Rabbit posted they were going to be in Yorba Linda/ Placentia today.  After work, I had Karen meet me at the Wells Fargo on Rose Street, and we found the truck waiting, without a line!  We thought for sure there would be people waiting, but earlier there was a mix up on the address, and I wonder if that was the reason there was no line. The original address was still on their web site, and you had to read the latest tweet to find out the new location.

White Chocolate Champarado

Wow, 15 minutes til opening and no line?
Three tacos from White Rabbit:
Pork Sisig, Chicken Adobo, Beef

Chicken adobo rice bowl

Santa Ana: Piaggio on wheels, Tropical Shave Ice

The REI in Santa Ana (off the 5/ 55 freeways & McFadden) is having a big sale, and also parked there was Piaggio and Tropical Shave Ice.  It was also such a nice day that Anna and I had to stop by for lunch.

The Tres Amigos burrito
Shrimp, pulled pork and steak with rice, cheese, and other goodies.
Pulled pork sliders w/ chimichurri

Rick serving up my melona-vanilla shave ice