Stop 4: The Lime Truck in Manhattan, Kansas

There’s another Manhattan, home to Kansas State University, and they call themselves “the Little Apple”. The Lime Truck is there this weekend, and the college town is embracing the Gourmet Food Trucks.

The challenge on Saturday was the menu had to be only 99 cents. The lines were insanely long… Up to 3 hours! Thank you, Manhattan, for being great sports, and excellent foodies!

Here’s photos taken off twitter users @leoslo @wilsoms_au and @paifoods from Saturday’s lunch.

Smokey mayo on fries
Chef choice truffle burger
Fried egg sandwich
Bbq cole slaw
Deep fried maple bacon
And… their signature Lime Aid!


Look at the lines!

The Chef Choice burger

All these for 99 cents each!! A bargain!

Fries with smokey mayo

Maple bacon and the BBQ Slaw

Thank you, Manhattan, KS for embracing the food trucks!

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