Irvine: Piaggioonwheels & Dogzilla at the Blackmarket Bakery

Pulled pork & Argentine skirt steak taco
Empenadas w/ the Blackmarket Bakery tart

Dessert samples from The Blackmarket Bakery


The Blackmarket Bakery hosts an open house throughout the year to promote their scrumptious baked good, cakes and other creations.

Today they also invited food trucks Piaggioonwheels and Dogzilla in the celebration. I went to Piaggio for lunch and ordered a pulled pork taco, an Argentine steak taco, and Caprese (mozzarella, basil, tomatoes) empenadas.

Meanwhile, Martin went to Dogzilla and ordered the namesake, The Dogzilla.

While waiting for my food, Blackmarket was letting the patrons try their pastries. I was able to get a lemon tart, a white cake with italian buttercreme, and a chocolate cake with italian buttercreme.

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