Los Alamitos: the Lime Truck, Rollingsushivan, Dogzilla, Oh For Sweets Sake

French onion + kobe beef soup from The Lime Truck

Gnocchi from The Lime Truck
Lavash from the Lime Truck
Udon from Rolling Sushi Van
Sweet potato cupcake from Oh For Sweets Sake

You know, I wish I could eat from every food truck, every day. Of course, if I did, I’d be big as a house.

Today I picked up the French Onion Kobe beef soup and an order of gnocchi. Someone next to me ordered their Lavash and a Dogzilla.

Karen ordered Udon from Rollingsushivan, and we split a Sweet potato & bacon cupcake from Oh For Sweet Sakes before getting dessert from Tropshaveice (not pictured).

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