Feb 13: Bellflower, Max Auto Care Center

1. The No Jodas Cuban Truck
2. The Che Argentine Truck
3. The Fresh Fries LA Truck
4. The Jose O’Malley’s Truck
5. The Yalla Truck
6. The Lardon Bacon Truck
7. The Rajun Cajun Truck
8. E&H Churros Cart


Fullerton: Baconmania, Shortstop BBQ, Oc Food Truck, Bakery truck

Tonight there was a food gathering at the Best Buy in Fullerton hosted by Truck Squad, with the help of Got Food Trucks.

At Baconmania, I tried the Cheese and Bacon chips, and Karen ordered the “Mom’s meatloaf” topped with mashed potatoes and an order of fries. I also ordered my favorite comfort food, the Smoked turkey over creamed corn from the Shortstopbbq truck. Yah, the picture comes out bland, but it’s still one of my favorite dish.

Meanwhile, Martin gets the When Pigs Fry sandwich from the OC Food Truck, slightly modified. It’s a  tempura bacon and avocado sandwich normally with squaw bread, but the truck ran out of the bread and subbed it with sour dough.

We ended this stop with dessert from Bakery Truck, a  lemon raspberry cupcake and a strawberry banana shot.

Now… Off to Noble Ale Works in search of SUSHI!

Smoked turkey over creamed corn from Shortstop BBQ

Cheese and bacon chip from Baconmania

Mom’s meatloaf with mashed potatoes and fries

When Pigs Fry from The OC Food Truck

Banana strawberry dessert shot from Morsel’s Bakery Truck

Lemon Raspberry cupcake