W. LA: Lee’s Philly, Che Truck, India Jones, Lomo Arigato, Chunk n Chip

Every Monday there’s a gathering at 10601 W. Washington Blvd. It’s pretty far from Orange County (over an hour with decent traffic) so I took advantage of my day off to check it out with Karen and Martin.

Karen started us off by going to Lees Philly and got the Gogi beef taco, and I went to India Jones for the Samosa, an order of nan bread, and a chicken “Frankie”, a roti rolled up with curried chicken, cilantro tamarind chutney, chopped onion and egg.

Martin went to (Argentine) Che Truck and ordered the grilled chimichurri steak salad, and I got the pork empenada (the el Fidel) to split with Karen.

The empenada was a little too spicy for Karen, so we also split an order of noodles from Lomo Arigato.

For dessert, Martin and Karen split the Goober Doober,  boo-yah made of a chocolate chocolate chip cookie + chocolate chip cookie that sandwiches a mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Gogi beef taco from Lee’s Philly

Samosa from India Jones
The chicken “Frankie”
Nan from the India Jones Chow Truck


Chimichurri steak over salad from The Che Truck

The El Fidel empenada from the Che Truck
Lomo Arigato’s noodles

Chunk N Chip

The Doober Goober boo-yah


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