Denver: El Caribe Venezuelan @QuieroArepas

Igor & Beckie at the Indoor Farmer’s Market on 200 Santa Fe in Denver
The El Caribe menu
Normally I don’t post this, but it was easier to explain the arepas this way
Shredded beef, cheese, black beans, plantains (sweet bananas) stuffed inside a homemade dough
The plantain and cheese arepas
Shredded beef simmering
Mushrooms and other ingredients simmering
The black beans

Nestled at the edge of Denver’s Art District at 200 Santa Fe is the only indoor Farmers Market. I also found El Caribe Venezuelan Arepas.

Arepas are handmade bread and can be enjoyed by itself or stuffed.

Beckie & Igor suggested the Pabellon, which was stuffed with stewed shredded beef, seasoned black beans, sweet plantains, & cheese. I had that, while Karen ate the Queso, the arepas stuffed with mozzarella & plantains.

The duo will be launching a truck very soon. Be sure to follow them at @queroarepas.

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