Costa mesa: Barcelona, Shortstop bbq

Lentil & Serrano Ham soup
Smoked duck w/ creamed corn and fries
Pulled pork sliders with creamed corn
Tri tip with bleu cheese slaw & chicken with bbq slaw sliders

There’s one way to get the husband to the mall… Feed him first. Lucky for me there’s a food truck gathering at the SoCo in Costa Mesa. Today Chompchomp, Calbi, Barcelona, Morsels, & Shortstop bbq were there.

It was a sunny day, but just enough chill to order a lentil & ham soup from Barcelona.

I also got the limited Duck plate (sans sauce) plus 2 sides from Shortstop, leaving me too full to grab anything else… Well except a fresh baked cookie from Morsels.

Martin got his usual sliders from Shortstop: tri-tip, chicken & pork.

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