Irvine: Piaggio, Ahn Joo, Dos Chinos, the Lime Truck

Piaggio on wheels with new wrap
Argentine skirt steak with chimichurri sauce from Piaggio
Korean fried chicken over fries from Ahn Joo
Pork belly taco with dried cranberries from Dos chinos
Tortilla soup from the Lime Truck

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and also the Wednesday OC DIN DIN A GO GO in Irvine.

Tonight’s trucks were resident gfts Lomo, Piaggio, Tropical, Dos Chinos and Lime Truck. The guest trucks were Ahn-Joo korean snack truck, Chunk n Chip, and Chompchomp.

Piaggio arrived with some added color wrap, which made the truck look very nice.

For dinner I ordered the Ahn-Joo fried chicken, skirt steak taco from Piaggio, and the pork belly “bolsa” taco from Dos Chinos. On my way out, I picked up the Tortilla Soup from the Lime Truck so I’ll have something while I make the Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

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