Carson/Torrance: Dumpling station, the Greasy Weiner, Mighty Boba Truck

Dumpling Station
Pork & leek dumplings and Pork & veg dumplings
Chili dog from The Greasy Wieners
The Mighty Boba Truck

The Veterans Day continued at the Carson kmart, and then a new truck gathering at the Torrance kmart.

The Carson location had resident trucks Tropical Shave Ice & Lomo Arigato with Dumpling Station, Taco Surfer, White Rabbit, Mambo, Buttermilk, Ludo and the octopus one.

Buttermilk took too long to open, and Rabbit’s menu was half missing. Karen & I split an order of stream pork & leek, pork & veg dumplings, before taking off to Torrance.

Torrance had famous Nom Nom truck, Ragin Cajun, Greasy Weiner, Calbi, Morsels Bakery, Mighty Boba, Chunk n Chip, and Baja.

Martin got the combo from Ragin Cajun (not pictured), and I got a chili dog from the Greasy Weiner and a boba drink (not pictured).

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