Huntington Beach: Piaggio, Chunk n Chip

Pulled pork over chimi rice from Piaggio
Chunk n chips BooYah

Piaggio, Chunk n Chip, Kona Ice and Dos Chinos (arrived late) were at Jack’s Surf in Huntington Beach. I forgot how much cooler it was by the beach as I ate my pulled pork over chimi rice. Martin had 2 chicken tacos from Piaggio (not pictured) and a mint booyah from Chunk n Chip.

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Irvine: Piaggio, Crepes Bonaparte, Tropical Shave Ice, Kidbeanz

Filet Mignon over Chimi Rice & Asparagus
Banana, Strawberry & Nutella crepe
Hawaiian Shave ice!
Getting a shot.. of espresso from Kidbeanz

My apologies for this delayed post. Having an extra 2 days off messed up my schedule. Ok, not true, but that is my weak excuse.

It’s nice we can have a place to go on Sundays. The line up at this week’s OC GREAT PARK was Louks, Piaggio, Barcelona, Chompchomp, Crepes, Dogzilla, Tropical Shave Ice, and coffee truck Kidbeanz.

Piaggio had a filet mignon sandwich that I had converted into a rice & asparagus plate. Karen got her favorite: a banana, strawberry & nutella crepe from Crepe Bonaparte, and we also picked up a tofu satay at Chompchomp (not pictured).

For dessert, we always save room for Shave Ice (shocking, I know), and on our way out we picked up a macchiato and a mocha from Kidbeanz. I didn’t post a photo of the coffees… apologies.

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