Los Alamitos: Vizzi, Lime, Tropical Shave Ice

Spaghetti carbonara
Rice crispy treat with carmalized bacon and oreo
Pulled chicken sliders
Fried chicken oysters over slaw
Tropical Shave Ice

This evening was wet, cold and rainy. It was also the debut of the Tuesday night Los Alamitos DinDin a Go-Go. The weather did not keep the regulars from getting dinner… Or dessert!

I went to Vizzi truck (who is also a hockey fan) for a serving of their special Spaghetti Carbonara.

Martin went to Lime Truck who were giving out bacon and oreo rice crispy treats. In addition, he got the Fried Chicken Oysters and the Pulled Chicken Sliders.

For dessert, we all got our Tropical Shave Ice!

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