Buena Park: The Greasy Wiener, Rolling Sushi Van, Tornado Potato, Surfer Taco, Chomp Chomp Nation

Rolling Sushi & Yogurt truck
Rolling sushi
Spicy tuna roll
Rainbow Roll
Edemame, Soup and Salad
Greasy Wiener’s chili dog
Tornado Potato
The Surfer Taco Co
Carne asada & lengua
Singapore sloppy joe
Kaya french toast

Crab Shooter
Crispy Shrimp

I won tickets to the CHOC event held at Knotts Berry Farm (see flyer in my event page). There were two trucks I’ve never tried, Tornado Potato and Rolling Sushi & Yogurt Van.

I started off with my favorite Greasy Weiner, and Martin picked up the Rolling Ball, a spicy tuna & crab inside an edible soy paper cup. He also ordered the Rainbow Roll which also came with edemame, salad & soup. A lady next to us ordered the spicy tuna roll, which liked delish.

While Martin ate his sushi, I went to Tornado Potato and Surfer Taco Co. Finally we ended our day at Chomp Chomp Nation. We bumped into @sidelinepunk in line and he ordered the Singapore sloppy joe & the S’mores. Martin ordered the Kaya French Toast, and I ordered the Crispy Shrimp and the Crab Shooter.

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