Fullerton: Don Chows, Barcelona onthego, Louks, Morsels, Chunk n chip

Chow fun noodles by Don Chow
Lentil & Serano ham soup from Barcelona on the go
Spanish Mac & Cheese from Barcelona onthego
Cream Puff from Morsels
Grape leaves & Chicken skewers from Louks
Bahama Mama from Chunk n Chip

Fullerton is home to a new food gathering on Thursdays. Tonight at the Carter bowl, 7 trucks came to the first night.

Even though my favorite truck Greasy Wiener was there, I passed it to try the chow fun by Don Chows. I also picked up a bowl of lentil soup from Barcelona, and Karen & I shared the Spanish Mac & cheese from there as well. For dessert I enjoyed my cream puff from Morsels.

Martin ordered the grape leaves & chicken skewers from Louks, and friends Sandy & Wally ordered the Bahama Mama from Chunk n chip.

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Irvine: Piaggio, The Lime truck, Greasy wiener

Skirt steak over chimi rice from Piaggio
The Thanksgiving Leftover from the Lime Truck
The Greasy Wiener

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the OC Din Din a Go Go. A bunch of the foodie bloggers & tweeters were there and we kicked back with them.

For dinner I picked up the skirt steak over chimi rice from Piaggio, the “Thanksgiving leftover” turkey sliders from The Lime Truck, and a chili dog from Greasy Wiener. Shockingly I didn’t have room for dessert!

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