Irvine: the Lime Truck, BACONMANia, Dos Chinos, Dogzilla hotdogs, Tropical Shave Ice

California cheese steak from The Lime Truck
Chili con carne & bacon from BACONMANia
The Dogzilla
Bolsa taco
Tropical Shave Ice

Finally, back from Vegas! As much as I enjoyed Island Breeze, I missed my OC Food Trucks. The weather let up and we went with Karen to the OC DinAGogo to celebrate the cease rain.

All of us ordered The Lime Truck’s California cheesesteak made with pork, mushrooms, provolone & spinach. I also shared the Chili con carne from Baconmania with Karen.

Martin ordered the Dogzilla hotdog,and I also picked up the Bolsa taco from Dos Chinos. For dessert… Tropical shave ice!

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