Fullerton: Shortstop BBQ, Dos Chinos, Morsel’s, Chomp Chomp Nation

Turkey w/ creamed corn and fries from Shortstop BBQ
Tri tip and slaw from Shortstop BBQ
The California veggie burrito from Dos Chinos
Strawberry cream puff from Morsels
Tofu Satay from Chomp Chomp Nation
Chicken Satay

Our evening started at the Carter Bowl where Shortstop said they had turkey available, so I ordered the meat & 2 sides plate for dinner and a cream puff from Morsels Bakery Truck for dessert.

Martin also ordered from Shortstop and picked the tri tip with slaw. Karen tried Dos Chinos’ California Veggie burrito.

On our way home, we stopped at Amerige & Harbor Blvd for Chomp Chomp truck for tofu and chicken skewers.

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Costa mesa: Piaggio, Rolling Sushi van

Tilapia Papillot from Piaggio
Empenada & Skirt Steak taco from Piaggio
Spicy tuna chip & Tempura shrimp roll from Rolling Sushi Van
Spicy Tuna Roll

Everyone must be at the mall shopping, on vacation or at Christmas parties. I did not run into any foodie or blogger at lunch.

For lunch, I ordered Piaggio’s special, Tilapia Papilliot, steamed in foil with oregano, tomatoes, olive oil. Martin ordered the empenada and I added a steak taco.

We also picked up a spicy tuna roll, a tempura shrimp crunch roll, and spicy tuna chips from Rolling Sushi Van.

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