Improvements being made…

Hey there!! I have switched from blogger to wordpress and still making changes, which may take a few days, possibly weeks to get it all straightened out.

Please be patient with me during the switch.  If you were following me via email, and haven’t been receiving updates, please scroll to the bottom and add your email or click the ‘follow’ widget to get the updated posts.

Here’s is a brief update:

  • To find the calendar of food trucks, go to the tab Calendar of Food Trucks located at the top of this blog, or find the link on the sidebar.
  • I’ve tagged most of the blog posts, so if you’re looking for a food truck on Thursdays, find the category “cloud” on the sidebar and click “Thursday” for a list of lots being hosted on Thursdays.
  • To find old posts, use the calendar, the pull down menu for archives, or use the search box.

I may not have been able to transfer everything from the old site to this one. I have discovered a lot of the embedded twitter posts didn’t transfer over, but you can click the hyperlink to jump to the site if you want to view it.

If there’s something you wish to see on this blog, you can email me at or tweet me @callmemochelle

Thank you so much for your patience, and for following my blog!!!


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