May 11-13 Great Food Truck Race 3 in Flagstaff for Mother’s Day

If you wish to tweet me: please use hashtag #Greatfoodtruckrace so I can locate it easier. Feel free to tweet or email me pictures of the food truck and the food. I’ll add it here and of course, give you credit. On weekends I am not able to access my blog as often, so follow my tweets and RT’s for updates.

The contestants are now in Flagstaff, Arizona.

 Thanks to the power of social media, I came across local blogger and tweeter @Fizzbathshop who worked diligently to give updated information about the food trucks and their locations.

@callmemochelle @Asilv4 @PMonthofer @michellekoechle I saw seven trucks and have pictures. I can post pictures later.


On Friday, the trucks were spotted in the Snowbowl / New Frontier area.  No trucks were selling food, but Two Martini Lunch, has great photos of the contestants participating in this season’s GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE as well as food pictures from Saturday.

Saturday the trucks were parked in front of Fizzbathshop (ha ha, she didn’t even have to chase the trucks afterall) and also at Sam’s Club. 

I came across a tweet that one of the challenge may involved cactus!

Papa Waffle earned immunity today, Downtown square is done 4 the night, pizza mike doubled their goal for the day. #flagstaff #gftr


Photo by @FLGChorale

Sunday the trucks were still in Flagstaff, in the same area.  The theme for Sunday was vegan!


Last year I was pretty obvious that I was rooting for #TheLimeTruck to win.  Roxy’s from Boston had their fans, and so did Hodge from Cleveland.  This season is no different. Even though the food trucks are newbies, they have family and friends rooting for them. 

Food Trucks #NonnasKitchenette, #PizzaMike, and #BarbieBabes has their fan tweeting on their behalf.  Good luck to those fans… I did it last year, and it was a tough labor of love!



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