May 18-20: Great Food Truck Race 3 in Amarillo, TX

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Standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona…with the Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” contestants— Brittany Morrow (@Brit2Morrow) May 16, 2012

Four food trucks to be at Homer’s Backyard Ball on Saturday

According to Brooke Hale, Marketing Director of Homer’s Backyard Ball, they are expecting at least 4 of the food trucks to set up at  Homer’s Backyard Ball this Saturday!  So not only can get get live music, BBQ and fun, you can help your favorite Great Food Truck Race Truck win this elimination round.  (Blog note: there’s a cost to get into the event, in addition to paying for food)

Update: the GFTR had to leave Homer’s Ball because the noise was making it difficult to film.  Great venue… too bad.

The Great Food Truck Race Coming to Amarillo at Homer’s Backyard Ball
— Mix 94.1 (@mix941kmxj) May 16, 2012

Great Food Truck Racers greet the baseball fans in Amarillo (via @saywithl0ve)


Great Recap of Amarillo by local media reporter Jim Lexa

Looks like Jim Lexa from the Amarillo Globe-News gave the food trucks a thumbs up….  But the GFTR received mixed reviews according to the AZ Daily Sun.

A few pictures that local foodies tweeted

Pizza Mike (photo by @redheadinclovis)
Pop-A-Waffle’s Bobaloo, left, and Scott (photo by @JimLexa)

Pizza Mike getting the boot… (photo by @redheadinclovis)  

yummy catfish nuggets courtesy of #coastofatlanta… — Brian Lane (@redheadinclovis) May 20, 2012