‘Great Food Truck Race’ Contestant Injured On Set

‘Great Food Truck Race’ Contestant Injured On Set


Food guru and chef Tyler Florence returns to host the popular foodie reality show “The Great Food Truck Race” with taping for Season 3 beginning in Los Angeles but things aren’t off to a good start for the Food Network show or one of its contestants.

A source tells Hollyscoop exclusively that a production crew and 24 food truck contestants gathered at the El Pueblo Historical Memorial on world-famous Olvera Street on Wednesday to shoot promos when one of the contestants fell during taping and had to be taken to the hospital.

“All the contestants were running together as a group to catch a key that was being thrown to them when one guy slipped on the cobblestone’s and fell,” says the source.

We’re told the injured man from team Pop-A-Waffle was immediately taken to Garfield Medical Center where he was treated for a broken shoulder, a broken pinky finger and a broken thumb. He was later released.

A Food Network spokesperson issued the following statement to Hollyscoop about the incident: “During a pre-production day for The Great Food Truck Race, one contestant sustained minor injuries in an accident on the set. Immediate medical attention was received and a full recovery is expected.” No further comments will be issued.

Call me crazy but a broken shoulder and a couple of broken fingers probably didn’t feel so “minor” to the poor guy who fell.

If you’re not familiar with the show, you should check it out. Eight speciality food trucks consisting of three team members each compete for about six weeks traveling across the country to selected cities. The competition starts in Los Angeles and ends somewhere on the east coast with the food trucks selling their goods along the way. The goal each week is for the trucks with the most sales to move on to the next city, eliminating the truck with the least. In the end, some food truck person walks away with a lot of money and is super-psyched.

Anyway, despite a trip to the hospital, the injured contestant seemed to be in good spirits and the remaining contestants were left to tease each other about “who pushed him down.” The show itself is set to start taping in the next couple of weeks but it’s unclear at this point if the incident will affect production or if the contestant will be able to compete at all given his injuries.

After all, it’s pretty hard to work in a food truck with a broken shoulder and some busted fingers but maybe his teammates will step it up and offer him a hand.

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