Whaaat!?! No more Teller Lot in Irvine on Wednesdays?

The Teller Lot in Irvine is one of the most popular lunch spots on Wednesdays.  My sister works across the street and sent me this email.  Its been modified, but can someone tell me if this is true?? I’m outraged!!

Looks like the trucks will no longer be able to come to the teller lot on Wednesdays. 

Well, a bunch of Allergan employees who work off teller (including myself) illegally park there because it’s just right across the street from our office, much closer than the parking structure we’re supposed to park in which is inside the main campus.

A lady who we see at the wednesday gatherings got greedy and tried to trick us on Monday by placing a note on our windshields, stating that we were no longer able to park here because it’s private property (which we all knew to be true). However, if we  purchase a monthly parking permit through her for $30, we could continue to park there without being towed next monday.

So, on Wed/Thur, someone set up a tent with a sign that said “parking permit” on the lot. My boss inquired and the lady manning the booth said payment is cash only. Then she added, “oh, i don’t have the parking permits available until next month, but if you give me your license plate number, I’ll make sure your car is safe.”

Naturally, it all seemed rather suspicious, so someone in our company looked further into it and we discovered that she did not represent the real estate developer who owned the lot. When we contacted the real estate developer, they were unaware of the situation and said what that lady did was widely inappropriate.

Consequently, thanks to this lady, the developer told us the trucks will now be forbidden to reside there on wednesdays. In addition, the entrances to the lot will be chained off so that none of us can park there any longer.

We’re all so upset that one greedy person can ruin not only our lives, but the lives of the food trucks as well!

I have the lady’s e-mail address and phone number in my car in case if you’re interested in making her life miserable somehow!!!

OC Printing 2485 Da Vinci, Irvine
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This was on the Allergan employees’ windshield


July 1-3: Food Trucks at Anime Expo, LA

Truck Hours of Operation: 11:00AM to 6:00PM
Parking lot on 601 West Pico Blvd between Figueroa and Flower St. Across the street from South Hall and next to the City of L.A. parking lot.

Friday, July 1 / Day 1 AX
Surfer Taco
Ahn Joo http://www.ahnjoo.com/
Phamish http://www.eatphamish.com/
Slice Truck http://www.slicetruck.com/
Dim Sum Truck http://thedimsumtruc…Index/Home.html
Jogasaki http://jogasakiburrito.com/
Crepe N Around http://www.yelp.com/…ound-northridge (Having trouble getting to their site right now)
Bool BBQ
Bap Pul (Korean Rolls) http://www.bappul.com/
NaanStop http://naanstop.com/index.asp
Lee’s Philly http://www.yelp.com/…i-los-angeles-2
Ludo Truck http://www.ludolefebvre.com/ludotruck

Saturday, July 2 / Day 2
Slice Truck
Ahn Joo http://www.ahnjoo.com/
Phamish http://www.eatphamish.com/
Crepe N Around http://crepingaround.com/
Don Chow Tacos http://www.donchowtacos.com/
FrySmith http://www.eatfrysmith.com/
Dim Sum Truck http://thedimsumtruc…Index/Home.html
Mesohungry Truck http://mesohungrytruck.com/
OG Tempura http://www.ogtempura.com/
George’s Greek Truck http://georgesgreektruck.com/
India Jones http://indiajonescho…k.blogspot.com/
Clean Street Food Truck http://www.cleanstreetfood.com/

Sunday, July 3 / Day 3
Surfer Taco
Slice Truck http://www.slicetruck.com/
Slap Yo Mama Truck http://www.yelp.com/…k-granada-hills
Jogasaki http://jogasakiburrito.com/
Del’s Lemonade http://www.facebook….les/95476519396
White Rabbit http://whiterabbittruck.com/blog/
The Mighty Boba Truck http://mightyboba.com/boba/
Fresh Fries http://www.freshfries.biz/
Sweet E’s Bake Shop http://www.sweetesba….com/index.html
No Jodas http://www.nojodaskitchen.com/
Chef Che http://www.chetruck.com/
Lomoarigato http://www.yelp.com/…ato-los-angeles

Piaggio on Wheels, Chomp Chomp, The Lime Truck, Barcelona on the Go

Pictures from food trucks taken over the weekend…

Porker Sandwich, Piaggio on Wheels

Pulled Pork Sliders, Piaggio on Wheels

Kaya French Toast, Chomp Chomp

Crispy Shrimp Rolls, Chomp Chomp

Cheesesteak Fries, The Lime Truck

Blistered Shishito Peppers, The Lime Truck

Passionfruit Limeaids, The Lime Truck

Sirloin steak tacos with corn salsa, Barcelona on the Go