Torrance: Jogasaki, Ahn-Joo, Happy Cup Ramen, Tropical Shave Ice

Martin and Karen have been wanting to try Jogasaki since the day they rolled.  They tweeted they were going to be at South Bay Din Din a Go Go, so we made a trip to Torrance.  Martin ordered the #2, the Spicy Tuna Delight, and Karen got the CA Delight, a California Roll version minus the avocado (due to allergies).

Martin then went to Anh-Joo for the Kimchi Citrus Pork with Roasted Fuji Apples.

Meanwhile, I warmed up with a Tonkotsu Ramen and a steamed Curry Pork Bun from Happy Cup Ramen, ending my night with a snow capped, Melona-Vanilla-Passion Orange  Tropical Shave Ice.

#2: Spicy Tuna Delight

CA Delight from Jogasaki

Kimchi Citrus Pork with Roasted Fuji Apples from Anh-Joo

Tonkotsu Ramen from Happy Cup Ramen

the Curry Pork steamed bun from Happy Cup Ramen

Tropical Shave Ice, snow capped!


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