Anaheim: Twist Burger, OC Food Truck, Dos Chinos, Chomp chomp, Swinging Kitchen, Oh For Sweets Sake

People’s Choice by Twist Burger
Chris’ deep fried hot dog from The OC Food Truck
Bolsa Plate from Dos Chinos (not on the menu)
Chicken satay from Chomp Chomp Truck
Hibiscus rose water from Chomp Chomp Truck
Kaya French Toast Chomp Chomp Truck
Scallop Ceviche from The Swinging Kitchen
Pho-rench Dip from The Swinging Kitchen
Strawberry Cream cupcake from Oh For Sweets Sake

On Saturday, Incogdealo was hosting a food truck gathering and also promoting luxury apartments at 1818 State College, across the Angels Stadium parking. We tried something from each truck.

Newest LA truck, Twist Burger was there, and we selected the People’s Choice, but substituted the bun for flatbread.

At the OC Food Truck, I ordered Chris’ Deep Fried hotdog, which was a deep fried hotdog, bacon, slaw, cheese and bbq sauce.

At Chompchomptruck, I picked the Chicken Satay and the Hibiscus drink, which was made with hibiscus, rose water and lychee on the bottom, and the Kaya Coconut French Toast.

At Dos Chinos, I got my Bolsa Plate, which is pork bellies with cilantro, tomatillo, cabbage over garlic rice. Shhh!! It’s not on the menu!!

At Swinging Kitchen, we picked the Scallop Ceviche, and the Pho-ench Dip, which is brisket on a baguette, but pho broth for dipping. Lastly, we stopped at Oh For Sweets Sake for a Strawberry & Cream cupcake.


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