RIP Glenn De Baca #DinDinaGoGo #FoodTrucks

Back in the 2009, when food trucks were still new to LA, and when the food truck lots were just forming, Glenn De Baca helped form the famous Din Din a Go Go with various food truck operators such as LomoArigato, TropShaveIce, and others.

Over the years, Glenn would create food truck locations throughout the LA County area, but focused primarily in the South Bay. He never turned away a new food truck, and usually was the first lot to give a food truck their first real break.

Until recently, he ran the successful lot South Bay Din Din a Go Go (renamed Food Trucks at Narbonne High), which was one of the most popular street food truck event in the Los Angeles County. Not only were they the most popular, they were the ones who started the trend as the first street food truck lot ever.

Sadly, @AtomicEats posted on January 27, 2016, Glenn passed away after battling a long illness.  He will be missed, and he will be remembered as one of the pioneers for promoting the LA Food Trucks.  RIP, Glenn.


REST IN PEACE GLENN….some of you may not know him or really care. But, this was another soul that helped a lot of food…

Posted by Food Trucks and Atomic Eats on Wednesday, January 27, 2016


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