J.A.P in a Box: Think before creating your truck name

I’ve been following food trucks since 2009, and I’ve seen plenty of crazy food truck names… many really pushing the envelope to borderline obscenity.  Recently a new San Diego food truck was launched, and well, it chose a very derogatory name to Japanese people.

Food trucks, if you’re going to come up with a “catchy” name, please think before naming your truck.  I am not going to stand on my soap box to defend why this name is offensive, but click here to see why you SHOULD find it offensive.

Below are the photos from the food truck.  You have the option of tweeting, emailing, facebooking or calling the foodtruck to give positive or negative feedback, if you wish!



2 thoughts on “J.A.P in a Box: Think before creating your truck name

  1. Junebug says:

    You know the man who owns this truck is Japanese? Lol if you don’t want to be on a soap box, maybe you should just step down. His name is Koji and frankly, being Japanese, he can call his business Jap in a Box if he wants to, and it means nothing other than that he is being tongue in cheek about his service.

    His food is to die for, too. 🙂 (sure I’ll get reamed for that lol)


    • callmemochelle says:

      I know who owns it. Ask any Japanese American who lived during the war what Jap means. Shall we call soul food Jiggaboo ? Or Nigga in a box? That’s the connotation. Or you’re too young to known or understand


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