Thursdays: Narbonne High is now run by @H_C_F_T


As of October 1, there’s been a change of operations at the Narbonne High food truck gathering on Thursdays.  Formerly run by Street Food Events, this lot is now run by the Chamber of Commerce, and apparently, the Deli Doctor.


As of October 1, 2015, ALL payments will now be paid through The Chamber. Any and all questions must be addressed to Joeann Valle 310-430-8658

Booking Managers: Steve Baggin: and Matthew Koven:

According to @H_C_F_T twitter account (awful twitter handle, by the way. Hate the underscores), it is now:

Gourmet food truck lot operated by the Harbor City/Harbor Gateway Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Narbonne High School, located at 24337 Western Ave 90501 from 5:30-9p

For food truck updates, follow the tweets at :


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