Watermark Wednesdays, Costa Mesa

Watermark Wednesdays at Watermark OC Church


6 Sessions, Oct. 7th —Nov. 11th
Watermark Wednesdays will feature the video series Confident Parenting with Dr. Jim Burns.Let’s be honest, as parents, the majority of us need guidance. We have good intentions, but daily frustrations and ongoing struggles might be evidence that we were better prepared to drive a car or pursue our career than raise little human beings.
To counter the usual trial-and-error method of parenting, Dr. Burns offers time-tested advice and strategies for today’s busy families. Infused with his signature candidness and practicality, each session explores a different aspect of parenting — from breaking generational chains of dysfunction and creating a warm atmosphere at home to  handling discipline issues and blessing your children with a legacy of faith. Table group discussions will reinforce the basics of good parenting and provides a foundation for developing your own family plan. Learn how to make a positive difference in your family in order to be the parent you need, and want, to be. $25 one time fee for childcare / $20 for materials.
Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00pm / Full Childrens and Youth Programming too.
Food trucks will arrive at 5pm and stay as long as there’s a line. Bring your own food or purchase from a truck.

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