Frijolito Cafe Coffee Truck

While having dinner at the Food Truck Haven, I came across coffee truck Frijolito.  They said that they are a coffee truck with a Latin twist. There’s not too many food trucks that serves coffee, so I decided to give them a try.

As I walked up to the cart, I noticed a sign that said: check into yelp to get a free gift. The gift was a free hot chocolate. Sure, why not? The young lady asked if I wanted a Mexican hot chocolate or an American hot chocolate. In fact, she suggested I could get it iced, since it was so hot that night.

I decided on a iced Mexican hot chocolate, and paid $0.50 to have it made with soy milk instead of whole milk. The two ladies were very friendly and they provided quick service. I even did a little hockey ribbing with the young lady, who was an LA Kings fan boasting about her team in my Orange County

Follow them on social media and give them a try.  Their truck schedule is posted on their website


From their website

Why Frijolito’s?

Frijolito, can be a term of endearment when Latinos refer to a, Little Bean. So, in order to bring you a mobile coffee shop with a Latin twist, it was a “no brainer”…Frijolito’s was dreamt up, and he came to live. Our goal was to bring to the streets, a grassroots approach to café con pan dulce, or coffee and sweet bread. Let’s face it…coffee is in our Latin blood. Whether it’s smell of moms café con leche en la mañana, a quick shot of espresso to wake you up after a big ol’ lunch, or just a little cafésito with something sweet after dinner, coffee is a big part of our Latin culture.

¿Quiénes Somos? / Who We Are

Ave Maria! Que Dios de Bendiga for stopping by! We’re just two ordinary, passionate Latinos that love and culture brought together. Our story of this journey begins in 2009, when we close one door, and were hopeful to open another. It was that moment that the seed was planted, that inspired us, to continue our dream and pursue the love of comradery, customer service and our Latin culture.
Today, Frijolito’s Mobile Coffe Shop, we have the privilege and the hunger to bring every community a wide variety of coffee from all over Latin America, with a twist! With handcrafted signature drinks like Mariachi Loco, El Coqui, Frijolito’sMocha and Spanish Fly, to name a few, we worked hard to at our recipes to bring you high quality, great customer service at reasonable market pricing.
The art of mobility, and being free to move about the different areas and communities, is what we are bringing to our customers. We give the customer the opportunity to stay comfortable in their home and office, and allow us to come and serve you!
Our gourmet coffee truck with a Latin twist, is perfect for catering your birthday party, school events, corporate parties and house party!!!

Food truck haven at the Outlets of Orange

Newest Orange County food lot, Food Truck Haven is located caddy corner of the parking lot from El Torito and Lucky Strike Bowl. There’s usually 6 food trucks serving up lunch (11:00-2) and dinner (6:00-10:00) every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Parking on site is limited, so you’re best to park on the Dave and Busters side and walk. Limited number of tables and chairs available as well.


Quesadilla from Piaggio

Pulled pork sliders from Piaggio

Tacos from Dos Chinos

Aug 22: Free Orange Chicken

Its not a “real” food truck, but its free food… 

Article by LA Times 


There’s a Panda Express food truck. And it’s full of free orange chicken.

Panda Express has a food truck. And yes, that food truck is full of orange chicken.

Be a food snob if you need to — but when there’s a plate of hot, sticky, crunchy orange chicken in front of you, I dare you not to eat it.

The truck will be launching a nationwide tour, and is headed to the KCRW Chinatown Summer Nights in Los Angeles on Aug. 22.

And all that orange chicken will be free. The truck will be doling out free samples of orange chicken and white rice, along with a Pepsi.

Next to the truck, an “orange chicken lounge” where guests can relax and eat orange chicken. And if you’re a die-hard fan, prove it in an orange chicken chopsticks challenge or trivia game.

No word on details for the chopsticks game, but we’re hoping it somehow involves eating as much orange chicken as you can, with chopsticks, in a span of five minutes.

The truck will also host an orange chicken chef challenge from 5 to 6 p.m. Four to five yet-to-be-announced chefs will make their own dishes incorporating the orange chicken. And a group of media and judges will crown the orange chicken champion.

943–951 N. Broadway, Los Angeles,

Building Food Trucks with @ApolloCarts

Apollo Carts is based in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) and is a custom food truck manufacturer, street cart maker and  builder of every type of street food kitchen on wheels. Shipping container conversions a specialty, and can make virtually anything into a mobile kitchen.

Like many cities all over North America, the food truck trend has been on the rise in Vancouver. In 2010, there were only 17 food trucks. Last summer, there were over 100. But where do these trucks come from? Jen Muranetz from ShawTV heads to Surrey (a suburb of Vancouver) to find out.

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