June 18: Great Food Truck Race FINALE is in Lubec, Maine

Social media has proven that news travels fast… in fact, so fast that the Great Food Truck Race has been manipulated by the fans using twitter.  In season one, no one knew what the show was about. 

In season two, fans like me supported our favorite truck and used social media to reach out to complete strangers, asking them to spend money on food trucks they have never heard of. This season, the producers of the Great Food Truck Race thought by using the “twist” of using foodies who want to own their own trucks, they would be able to avoid the social media frenzy.  They were wrong.  Fans like me, and family members of the wanna be food trucks, helped promote the Race via social media.

The GFTR decided to end this season’s Race in a remote town of Lubec, Maine. 

Wow… population 1600 people?  Its totally still GAME ON!  It’s the Girls from Jersey versus the Boys from LA.  Try food from both trucks, and be sure to tweet with hash tag

The Food Network Channel is here to film their last episode in the latest series of The Great Food Truck Race… two trucks will be set up at 12 Water Street around 1:00… come over and check it out! The series will air mid-September.  Article found here>> 

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