June 30: Carson City, Casino Fandango

Casino Fandango will host a premier event unlike any other—the Gourmet Food Truck Festival on June 30 from 12-5 p.m. The festival will feature musical performances and delicious food from 15 of the most notable mobile restaurants from Reno, San Francisco, Sacramento and Los Angeles to serve up a variety of authentic, exotic cuisines all prepared freshly on-site
Breezy Freeze                                                Redneck Kitchen
Bodawgs                                                Red Truck                       
Chi-Town Hustler                                    Sauce Wagon
Dish Truck                                                Sin City Wings
Fat Daddy’s Ice Cream                        Slap Yo Mama
Gourmelt                                                St Lawrence Pizza
Kenji’s                                                            Tahoe Creamery
Nom Nom                                                Traffic Jam
Pearson’s Louisiana Cajun Food            Yum Truck

Casino Fandango – S. Carson St., Carson City, NV 89701

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