Irvine: Seabirds truck

My sister Becky is my guest blogger, offering her report on food trucks from the Teller & Michelson lunch lot in Irvine, CA


Seabirds Truck sported the longest line at the Teller lot, converting a lot of meat eaters into vegan (at least one day for lunch).

One guy, who looked like the type that would have preferred Baconmania next door, was so impressed with the beet salad they served that he circled back to the front to compliment the girls on making the best salad he ever had.

A newbie stood in line behind me, not knowing at first that Seabirds was a vegan truck. Feeling slightly skeptical upon hearing that, she asked for recommendations. When I pointed out the avocado tacos, she immediately exclaimed, “I love avocado!” and gladly waited in line with the rest of us.

Seabird’s famous avocado tacos is the item to order for any newbie. The creaminess of the avocado surrounded by a light crunchy batter is perfectly enhanced with a dollop of a very addicting “Seabirds sauce” you swear has real dairy in it.

Additional specials include a gluten-free mac and “cheese.” Loaded with fresh mushrooms, herbs, and a hint of garlic and red onion, you certainly feel more “guilt-free” after eating it!   

The Mac and “Cheese”

Avocado tacos

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