The Lime Truck 101 for newbies

It’s not a secret that I have eaten at the Lime Truck more times than I can count. I’ve been following them almost right from the start.. some may say that I have given new meaning to “chasing a food truck” when I followed them to Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Miami.

Thanks to their much deserved success of winning the Great  Food Truck Race 2, I forget that there are now a lot of people who are discovering the Lime Truck for the first time.

Ok newbies…. Here’s a brief description on some of their popular menu items.  I won’t tell you which one to try, but if you have a friends… I suggest getting one of each and sharing!

Lamb Sandwich – This lamb sandwich was one of the original items on their ever changing menu. Though other items have since came and went, the lamb sandwich is here to stay. Also known as “Slammin’ Lambing Sandwich” and “Yum Yum Lamb Sandwich” (in addition to other creative names),  one thing that never changes is that it is always listed at the top of their menu.    

Carnitas Taco – Another original item on the Lime Truck menu that, like the lamb sandwich, will always be on the menu. This taco was one of the first dishes I had ever tried from them. The minute I took my first bite, I was an instant fan. The pork is slow roasted for several hours so that it is tender, succulent and full of flavor. The tortilla holds itself well against the mountain of pork that is stuffed inside, ready to burst from the seam. One of these tacos are filling enough to serve as a meal, though, there’s always room for something else!

Carnitas taco


Lamb Sandwich

Ahi Poke Nachos

Carnitas Fries – Another original item on the menu that will never go away, it’s essentially carnitas from the taco over a bed of fries. It’s awesome. It’s always a crowd favorite. Enough said!

Ceviche – It initially debut as just blue crab ceviche. Each bite was loaded with so much crab, that it was worth paying a little more for this dish compared to their other items. At the time, I think this dish was supposed to be a seasonal item because it wasn’t always available after it initially debut. Though it now seems to have a regular spot on their menu, it is also never prepared exactly the same each time I order it. Depending on the season/availability, it may also include scallops and shrimp. Once you try it, you will understand why it is consistently titled, “Award Winning Ceviche.”

Ahi Poke Nachos – This dish debut shortly after the ceviche. I remember first eating this dish around the summertime because I thought it was such a perfect summer dish. Like the ceviche, this dish wasn’t always available, but has now gained enough followers to earn a well deserved regular spot on their menu. It is also never prepared exactly the same each week. Other variations in the past have included the addition of edamame, diced avocados, and chopped peppers. Sometimes it does not include the pickled vegetables.

Roasted Corn – The newest item that debut during the Great Food Truck Race now appears to be a regular on the menu.   This dish seems deceptively simple (come on, it’s just corn, right?), however, once you try it, you will realize it is anything but that. The combination of the roasted corn with the cheese and sauce makes it one dish that is worth the mess it causes all over your hands and around your mouth. 

Roasted corn

The Lime Aid – Any newbie to Lime Truck has to complement their meal with one of these. The selection changes daily, and depending on the season. Note: If you get to the truck too late, they will sell out!!
The Lime Aid

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