Oct 15: Carson, South Bay Food Fest


Dinner at Troy High School, Fullerton

Dinner tonight at Troy High School in Fullerton with 5:30-9

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Irvine: The Tamarindo Truck

My sister Becky is my guest blogger, reporting on food trucks from the Teller & Michelson lunch lot in Irvine, CA

The Tamarindo Truck, an OC truck that serves, “Fresh Mexican Delights,” made their debut today at the Wednesday Teller Lot.  Their menu is limited to 6 items, (two tortas, two tacos and two tamales).

Their chipotle pork taco is stuffed with carnitas, slowly cooked for over 10 hours, served with fresh cilantro and a creamy serrano salsa. Instead of raw onions, they top marinated onions, while the fish taco is lightly grilled for those who want a healthier option. 

The tamale options include vegetarian (mushrooms, onions, carrots) and chicken.

Chipotle pork taco

Fish taco

Chicken tamale 

Norwalk: Global Soul Truck, Ludo Truck

On Tuesdays, the Norwalk Moose Lodge has food trucks from 6:00-9:00 pm.
We stopped to check out the Ludo Truck (yes, as in Chef Ludo from Ludo Bites) and had the 2-piece fried chicken.  Instead of the slaw, I asked to substitute it for the lavender infused biscuit.  My friend Sandy went to Global Soul and got the Shrimp Toastie.

2 piece chicken with the lavender infused biscuit from Ludo Truck

Shrimp Toastie from Global Soul Truck