Free the food trucks in the I.E.!

Free the Trucks

The masses have spoken—let the food truck revolution begin!

From the Shrimp Pimp to Bacon Mania to Border Grill, the food truck phenomenon is the culinary zeitgeist of the moment. Contestants on Top Chef have competed in food trucks, there’s the Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network and Food Truck Revolution on the Cooking Channel.

Mobile cooking is the new molecular gastronomy with chefs scurrying to throw away their beakers and fire up the trailer in their backyard. In Southern California we’re lucky to live in the Mecca of mobile cooking and one can find a solitary food truck or a whole slew of them at various locales, with many trucks operating seven days a week. Chef Roy Choi’s Kogi trucks are the breakout stars of the movement, often drawing lines of up to an hour for the fusion-filled Korean-Mexican tacos. Choi’s success has helped spearhead a culinary movement that has redefined how we enjoy food in the area—unless one lives in the IE.

“A Nation Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand”
That’s due to the fact that Riverside and San Bernardino counties are the only two in the state with a ban on most food trucks. We’re the only citizens in the state unable to enjoy trucks with such names as Fishlips Sushi, the Buttermilk Truck and Chomp Chomp Nation. We’re the only people deprived of Dogzilla Hot Dogs and the Flying Pig truck. Lincoln famously said that a nation divided against itself cannot stand. Is it fair that most of the state gets to enjoy some of the most creative cooking going today while those of us in the Inland Empire content ourselves with the occasional food truck festival, currently the only way most of us in the area get to sample what the rest of SoCal takes for granted

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Wed: Ktown Dinner on the Go debuts



@KtownDOTG 2793 Olympic Bl / Catalina
Some of the best gourmet food trucks coming to Ktown every Wed 6-9 pm. MidWilshire, DTLA and Hollywood GFT solutions!

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  • KtownDinnerOnTheGo
    Location: 2793 Olympic Bl / Catalina
    Some of the best gourmet food trucks coming to Ktown every Wed 6-9 pm. MidWilshire, DTLA and Hollywood GFT solutions!
    Location: where grilled cheese is needed
    Rebel w/ Cheese – Grilled Cheese Sammich & Dirty Spaghetti Taco- Comfort food that takes you down memory lane w/ AN ATTITUDE! Play 4 free grub
  • Ahn Joo
    Location: Los Angeles
    A Mobile Take on Korean Pub Grub! Created by Chef Debbie Lee aka The Next Food Network Star! Show your luv for our K-grub!
  • India Jones
    Location: Los Angeles
    Gourmet Indian street food truck!
  • thepoutinetruck
    Location: Find out on FB and Twitter
    Poutine is a traditional Canadian Comfort Dish consisting of French Fries, Fresh Cheese Curd and Brown Gravy. We take pride in offering a true Poutine……….
  • Vizzi Truck
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Coastal infused cuisine for all your senses. We cater to private parties, special events, custom menus, and anywhere food is desired
  • Don Chow Tacos
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Where Chino Meets Latino! Los Angeles based food truck serving con-fusion cuisine! Home of the Chimale, Ultimate LA Taco, and Carne asada Chow Fun!

Tuesdays: Marina Del Rey launches August 30

Brennan’s Pub at 4089 Lincoln Blvd Marina Del Rey

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    Location: Los Angeles
    As seen on Season 1 of The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network, Stephen Domingue hit the streets of LA debuting his Gourmet Cajun food truck.
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    Location: ÜT: 34.14207,-118.12604
    GRILLING IS OUR BUSINESS AND BUSINESS IS FINE!!! In a battle of cheese and sauce, finally burgers and heavy metal unite in harmony.
    Location: Los Angeles, New York & Austin
    Making Architecture Digestible! Roaming LA, Austin (CoolhausATX) & NY (CoolhausNY) with gourmet, architecturally inspired hand-made ice cream sammies.
  • Egg Slut ·
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    I like it Wet. Stay Yolked. Facebook// Egg Slut. Contact//
  • Pnut Butter Bar
    Location: Wherever You Are!
    The Original Peanut Butter Truck Serving Groovy Gourmet Peanut Butter Inspired Dishes And More…
  • MarinaDelReyDDaGG
  • Lomo Arigato Truck ✔
    Location: L dot A dot
    Creator of DinDin-a-GoGo & Proudly Reppin’ the SouthBay and LA with J-style Peruvian yumz since 09. Thanks for the L.O.V.E.!!
  • Jogasaki Burrito
    Location: Los Angeles
    Um…. Sushi… Burrito… Sushi… Burrito… How do you like your Sushi Burrito? Contact