Tuesdays: Marina Del Rey launches August 30

Brennan’s Pub at 4089 Lincoln Blvd Marina Del Rey

Mentioned in this Tweet

  • RaginCajun On Wheels
    Location: Los Angeles
    As seen on Season 1 of The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network, Stephen Domingue hit the streets of LA debuting his Gourmet Cajun food truck.
  • Grill Em All ·
    Location: ÜT: 34.14207,-118.12604
    GRILLING IS OUR BUSINESS AND BUSINESS IS FINE!!! In a battle of cheese and sauce, finally burgers and heavy metal unite in harmony.
    Location: Los Angeles, New York & Austin
    Making Architecture Digestible! Roaming LA, Austin (CoolhausATX) & NY (CoolhausNY) with gourmet, architecturally inspired hand-made ice cream sammies.
  • Egg Slut ·
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    I like it Wet. Stay Yolked. Facebook// Egg Slut. Contact// eggslutla@gmail.com
  • Pnut Butter Bar
    Location: Wherever You Are!
    The Original Peanut Butter Truck Serving Groovy Gourmet Peanut Butter Inspired Dishes And More…
  • MarinaDelReyDDaGG
  • Lomo Arigato Truck ✔
    Location: L dot A dot
    Creator of DinDin-a-GoGo & Proudly Reppin’ the SouthBay and LA with J-style Peruvian yumz since 09. Thanks for the L.O.V.E.!!
  • Jogasaki Burrito
    Location: Los Angeles
    Um…. Sushi… Burrito… Sushi… Burrito… How do you like your Sushi Burrito? Contact yo@jogasakiburrito.com

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