Help Kickstart a new LA food truck: Rad Coffee Truck

Introducing the first ever skate themed coffee truck.

Let’s help Kickstart this dream into reality!  visit:
Coffee is not just a drink anymore; it’s a way of life. The art of skateboarding has now become a brand for Rad Coffee Truck. The two combined has never been done before.
Rad Coffee Truck is unlike any food trucks in the United States. It isn’t just a food truck; it is the beginning to something catered towards the skateboarding and coffee industry combined. “We are creating a community where coffee lovers and skateboarding unite,” owner Rusty Valore states as his main purpose in coming up with this on the go coffee experience. Rad Coffee Truck is not just what meets the eye, it’s also what meets the mouth. Quality and connection is what makes them different. A great cup of coffee along side a great smile and welcoming environment is the focal point.
By reaching their goal of $30,000 on May 30th via Kickstarter this vision will come to life. Created by Rusty and Jade, they know skateboarding and coffee inside and out. Skater owned and operated, Rusty has been in the skate world his whole life. This angle on a food truck has been created with love and will feature the best of both worlds. Check out Rad Coffee Truck on and you can be among the first to have a rad cup of coffee.
If you’d like more information about Rad Coffee Truck, or to schedule an interview with Rusty or Jade please email, find us on Instagram @radcoffeetruck and the Kickstarter is at
Concept art of the food truck