Tuesday Night Food Truck Bazaar at Calif Heritage Museum

Brief: Food trucks meet retail

The California Heritage Museum is debuting a new weekly community event entitled Tuesday Night Food Truck Bazaar.

There will be 10 food trucks serving everything from fish tacos to lobster rolls, and even Korean barbecue.
The weekly event, which takes place in the parking lot of the museum, will rotate trucks each week in the hopes of equally representing every nationality possible.

Starting Feb. 26, the museum will add a bazaar on its lawn next to the food trucks where attendees can purchase children’s clothes and toys, yoga and gym clothing, sculptures from Bali and surf and snow boards.

The Victorian restaurant is open so that guests who purchase from the food trucks can eat their dinner in the outdoor patio, the indoor first floor bar, or the downstairs basement bar free of charge.
Parking is available within the museum’s lot.

For additional information, visit http://www.californiaheritagemuseum.org.


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