Nov 17: Farm to Food Truck Challenge 4

Event was postponed to November 17 due to the possible inclement weather.

On Saturday, November 10th we are hosting a farmers’ market feast for you, our friends and fans. 20 local farmers and vendors, 15 gourmet food trucks, 5 challengers and an estimated 2,000 attendees will all come together to celebrate our second birthday and compete in our Farm to Food Truck Challenge IVYou’ll be able to taste the market from our challengers and celebrate our two years at SoCo Collection! 

Fifteen gourmet food trucks will serve food during the market, with five of our gourmet food truck chefs competing in an epic challenge. Chefs will source farm fresh ingredients from our certified farmers.

A $30.00 donation to our non-profit gets you a sampling plate from each of our five competition trucks! Friends, fans, and previous Top Chop Judges will join together to feast at our long communal tables in the middle of the market to vote with their forks and choose the next Top Chop Truck.

Click here for tickets

Tasting begins at 12:00pm 
Judging begins at 1:00-1:30 
Announcing winner at 1:30-2:00

The five mandatory farmers market ingredients are: 
  • Butternut squash- Bautista Creek Local Produce or Pedros Farms
  • Walnuts- Bautista Creek Local Produce
  • Pomegranate- Nicholas Family Farms or Atkins Farms
  • Kale- Menos Farms or Gaytan Farms
  • Mushrooms- Kanes Family Farm
Five Challengers will create five competition dishes using SoCo Farmers Market ingredients and Savory Spice salts and spices. 

Purchase a $30 Tasting Ticket to eat one of each of the Challengers competition dishes via PayPal. Only 100 Tasting Tickets sold!

    • Taco Maria (competition)
    • Seabirds*** (competition)
    • Tamarindo*** (competition)
    • A Bite Truck*** (competition)
    • Chomp Chomp Truck*** (competition)
  • Also in attendance
    • Dos Chinos
    • Front Porch Pops
    • Garlicscapes
    • Piaggio On Wheels
    • Pulp Fusion
    • Rancho A Go Go
    • Tailgate Truck
    • Tasting Spoon
    • The Flip Truck
    • Tornado Potato
    • Waffles De Liege