GFT Promoters should keep it professional

Today I came across a post on Facebook by an LA County GFT promoter, blasting a fairly new food truck for non payment on “services rendered”. 

In my 2 years of following LA, OC and San Diego food trucks, I have seen plenty of mud slinging within the food truck community and the promoters.  This actually is not that bad, but it still left a bad taste in my mouth.

Here’s the post on Facebook:

I’m sure our mothers have said “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” 

I sympathize with the promoter for being mad, and not being paid for their services, but to air out dirty laundry on Facebook and Twitter makes them look, well, unprofessional.  It made them look about as scummy as the food truck they were bashing.

To add insult to injury, the truck promoter had to add that the food truck was unsanitary.  Really? Was that necessary?

Keep it clean, folks.  If you got stiffed on services rendered, DON’T LET THE TRUCKS WORK WITH YOU AGAIN.  Seriously, this promoter allowed three weeks to pass before realizing they haven’t been paid?  Ummm, duh?!

The food truck community is small.  Word gets around, and the food truck owners (and foodies alike) will know which trucks are trustworthy and which ones are the snakes.  There’s no need to be a little bitch and air your grieveances on the internet.

And, finally my 2 cents to the whiny food truck promoter:
If you think airing dirty laundry is how you do business, try asking Mobile Food Properties what happened to them when they tried bullying tactics?

By the way, I may not have disclosed the 2 parties in this dispute, but if you click the hyperlink on the top, it may take you to the Facebook posting. Unless, of course, the promoter did the classy thing and deleted it.