Support food trucks @ High Schools

Dec 6
Charter HS
All American Grill 
Fresh Fries 
Asian Cravings 
TK Truck 
Canyon HS
California Grill 
Chomp Chomp 
Brats Berlin 
Ragin Cajun
La Habra HS
Front Porch Pops
Desi Amigo
Refresh Truck 
Garlic Scapes 
Crepes Bonaparte 
Rolling Sushi 

Dec 7
Loara HS
Tornado Potato 
Home Skillet 
Front Porch Pops 
Troy HS
Refresh Truck 
Ragin Cajun
Sexy Burger 
White Rabbit 
Dec 8
Cerritos HS
Chunk N Chip  
All American Grill  
OG Tempura  
Brats Berlin  
Calbi BBQ
La Mirada HS
Meet N Potatoes 
Cheer Burger
Don Chow
Curb A Peel 
Yummy One 

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