It’s #FlashbackFriday: The #OCFoodieFest from 2010

Here’s a great Flashback Friday for the food truck fans!

The OC Foodie Fest was held on this day in 2010.

It was the brainchild of Taco Dawg, where he got 50+ food trucks in the parking lot at the Honda Center. Those who were lucky to have scored VIP admission got in 30 minutes before the general public, and was able to get food and get shelter from the blazing sun under a tent.

There were plenty of complaints from general admission fans ranging from there was not enough shade, no water, not worth the admission, unorganized and the line to get food was way way too long… as long as an hour for some truck.

Yup, those were good times… and very much a part of the Southern California Food Truck scene.  Enjoy the snippet of 2010, and be thankful that food truck fans don’t suffer this way anymore.

Unofficial cheat sheet from the Food Trucker

From the Great Food Truck Race, season 1: Nom Nom Truck

Jennifer Green and Misa Chien from the Nom Nom Truck

Is that Chef Jason Quinn in the green headband?

Lime Truck’s ceviche and Limeaid in the VIP tent
Veteran OC Truck:  Barcelona on the Go
Also from season 1 of the Great Food Truck Race: @CrepesBonaparte

No longer running: Dumpling Station
Cart turned brick n mortar: The Shrimp Guys

Garlic shrimp from @KillerShrimp

Oh For Sweets Sake

Dos Chinos : before their purple truck, they had a sad looking , powder blue one


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