San Diego: Food Truck Extravaganza @ 57 Degrees Wine Bar

Flippin Pizza Truck

Spinach (left) and Tomato basil from Flippin Pizza
Two for the Road Truck
Lobster roll
Super Q bbq
Mac & Cheese Brisket sandwich
Chop Sooey
The Cuban Sandwich
Tuna salad slider
Devilicious foods
Truffled tots
Panzanilla salad with Shrimp
Corner Cupcakes
Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Mint Chocolate
Miho Gastrotruck
Chicken Salad

SD Street Eats

Mahi with jasmine rice

Ahi salad

I didn’t get a photo of the food trucks, but here’s the food…

Fish taco from Tabe BBQ
Chicken bowl from Tabe
Beef bowl from Tabe
Samosa from India on Wheels SD

The San Diego Food Truck scene is starting to boom. The 57 Degrees Wine Bar had their second gathering and I drove down with Linda and Karen to check it out.

We arrived early, which was a smart move.  Most of the trucks sold out of food within the first two hours of the event. 

I took pictures of most of the trucks in attendance, and matched up the food we tried.

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